Michigan’s Inn at Bay Harbor

The Inn at Bay Harbor might very well be my favorite venue in Michigan for an event. The beautiful scenery of the Lake Michigan shore along with a very top notch hotel is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or a wedding.

The hotel was actually rated one of the Top 500 best hotels by Travel and Leisure magazine. In addition to the hotel they also have a 45 hole golf resort that you can visit and enjoy.

The inn itself is about 4 miles from Petoskey, so it’s right in the middle of the breathtaking surroundings that Northern Michigan is known for.

The last time I was there it was for a wedding. We were in the amazing circular ballroom that has a view of the water.  The ceremony itself was out on the lawn and it overlooked the shore on one side and the amazing Inn building in the rear.

The venue itself took the cake, but one of the things I remember most was how much fun all the guests were having in the photo booth. I grabbed one of the business cards and found out that the company was Photo Booth Plus, they’re known for being one of the best renter of Michigan photo booths.

Next time you have an opportunity to visit the scenic wonders of North Michigan, make sure you check out the Inn at Bay Harbor.